Our Pricing Options at Indigo Legal Solutions, PLLC


Flat-Rate Services

Whenever possible, we offer a flat-rate pricing for transactional, document preparation, and consulting work. The flat-rate arrangement allows you to know exactly how much a certain project will cost before beginning, which can be a great saving over hourly billing. Not sure what you need? In our free consultation, we will work with you and your team to determine which documents are right for you. Many of our clients work with us on a project-by-project basis, engaging us only as they need assistance and without any ongoing financial obligation.

New Business Formation:

  • Corporation – $1,000
  • Limited Partnership – $1,000
  • LLC – $750
  • Start-Up Package From $2,000

Business Contracts and Agreements:

  • Shareholders’ Agreement – Contact us.
  • Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete/Non-Circumvent/Non-Solicitation Agreement – $250
  • Stock Option Agreement – Contact us.
  • Consulting Agreement – $250
  • Customer Agreement – $500
  • Master Services Agreement – $750
  • Terms of Service (mobile or web) – $1,000
  • Privacy Policy – $750

Business Purchases or Sales:

  • Small Business Purchase or Sale
  • Includes Due Diligence, Contract Drafting, and Payment Facilitation – $3,000-$6,500
  • Membership Purchase Agreement – $1,500
  • Asset Purchase Agreement – $1,500
  • Promissory Note – $350

Annual Compliance:

  • Corporation – $500
  • Limited Partnership/LLCs – $300

Human Resources:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement – $300
  • Employment Agreement – $300
  • Employee/Independent Contractor Handbook – $1,000-$2,500

Start-Up Package

Our Start-Up Package is designed to give small businesses and start-ups the right set of documents and advice at the beginning to set them up for long-term success. In addition to the documents listed below, our Start-Up Package includes legal counsel throughout the process to provide peace of mind that your business has been established correctly, allowing you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

Plans start at $1,500 and include a tailored set of documents, including:

  • Bylaws or Operating Agreement
  • Shareholder or Member agreements, including vesting schedules
  • Founders Agreement with Vesting Schedule
  • Employee/Founders Equity Plan
  • Stock Option Agreement
  • Employment/Independent Contractor Agreement (includes non-compete and IP ownership language)
  • Stock Option Plan
  • Investment Round Documentation
  • Review of Site/App Terms and Conditions

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Real Estate:

  • Commercial Leasing:
  • Review – $500
  • Drafting – $1,000
  • Residential Leasing:
  • Review – $200
  • Drafting – $400
  • Commercial Purchase and Sale – $1,500
  • Related Addenda – $200/each
  • Joint Venture Agreement – $1,000
  • Letter of Intent – $200
  • Promissory Note – $300

Don’t see what you are looking for? We offer flat-rate pricing options for nearly all transactional and document preparation work-not just the documents listed above. We will be happy to prepare a custom flat-rate quote for the work you need done, just ask!

General Counsel Services for your Business

Indigo Legal Solutions, PLLC works with many of our clients as an integrated part of the client’s business team. We offer general (outside) counsel services that provide the convenience and reliability of having your own in-house attorney with the budgetary flexibility of using outside counsel. During our initial consultation, we will evaluate your needs and can create a package that works for you and your budget at a fixed monthly rate. Plans start at $1,500 per month and are tailored to your specific needs.

Subscription Services

The monthly subscription service is a hybrid between our general counsel services and our hourly engagements. The subscription service allows you the freedom of having an on-call attorney without having to worry about the sticker shock of an hourly bill at the end of each month. Our subscription services offer limited phone consultations and limited letter/document drafting and review. Plans start at $500 per month and are completely customizable to your needs.

Hourly Engagements

Clients can always elect to work with Indigo Legal Solutions, PLLC on an hourly fee basis, receiving legal advice and support for projects at a set rate per hour. We will endeavor to provide an estimate of projected hours/fees before beginning the project, whenever practicable.

Payment Plans

As part of our commitment to serving the small business community, we offer a variety of accepted payment alternatives. Whether you are an entrepreneur bootstrapping your new business or a business owner with a tight cash flow, we can find a way to work with you; just ask. If you can conceive it, we will discuss it.