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Real Estate Law

Involves a distinct set of challenges and time frames unique to the real estate industry. Our real estate practice marries our legal experience and expertise with our clients’ need for fast, cost-effective assistance.

The typical developer may have access to many resources, but one element is always lacking—time. When developers need the assistance of an attorney, they require prompt attention, flawless execution, and decisive counsel. As the former owner of a generations-old real estate business, we fully understand real estate, and we know what it takes to help you move development from concept to reality. We know that developers and portfolio managers do not need an attorney who is an impediment to action; they want an attorney who will listen to them and who will help them find a way to achieve their goals. We understand the distinction, and we work tirelessly to make things happen for you.

What Do You Want To develop?

Name your project: apartment complex, shopping center, office building, industrial facilities, medical facilities, fast food franchise sites, vacation homes, even residential real estate contracts for your own home... if it involves real estate, we can help you navigate the process with speed and efficiency. Our real estate practice is built around attorneys who have strong real estate backgrounds and who bring an insider’s knowledge of “the other side” to the table. Our skill pays off in strategies and actions that are targeted to meet your goals. When the inevitable obstacle arises, we know how to keep it from becoming a deal-breaker. Clients can turn to us with a challenge and be confident we will respond with solutions that merit attention, consideration, and action.

We can also assist owners in the pre-construction phase of a project with preparing and reviewing requests for proposals and contracts in the selection and engagement of owner’s representatives, designers, and contractors for all types of construction delivery methods. We also advise clients during the construction and close-out phases on common conflict issues, such as: change orders, scope of work disputes, delays, defective design/work, labor disputes, accidents, payment disputes and lien removals.

The only certainty in today’s real estate market is that tomorrow’s cycle is heading in this direction. We are skilled in workouts and foreclosures and know how to secure the best returns for troubled developments. We are adept at responding to all market conditions, including the shifting dynamics and new paradigm in the real estate market brought about by COVID-19—with the attention and service our clients require.

In-House Counsel Resource

Real estate can be more than an asset to a company—sometimes real estate can, frankly, be a headache. We work with in-house counsel, helping them with the complex real estate issues they do not customarily see in their practices. Our cross-over background in tax-related issues is an asset that can help identify the proper way to book transactions, finance, and structure acquisitions or dispositions of property.

Effective Legal Counsel for Your Most Pressing Real Estate Questions

Risk is an inherent part of all real estate projects. The last thing a developer or portfolio manager needs is a problem cropping up at an inopportune time. We manage our real estate practice with a "big picture" view, and we are always looking for ways to mitigate risk and squash potential problems before they can delay or detour a project. Adding us to your development team will provide an important asset that extends beyond deal-making abilities and transactional expertise. We are risk managers who have the necessary experience to capitalize on opportunities for success in every phase of development.

Real Estate Areas of Expertise


Investing in Your Real Estate Business

At Indigo Legal Solutions, we employ an innovative, strategic, and interdisciplinary approach to your real estate transactions, and we understand that cost-effective and highly responsive legal advice is critical to successful real estate deals. We help you navigate the multifaceted process of real estate investment and development to ensure that you get what you need as quickly as possible with knowledgeable and experienced representation.